Research topic solution platform

High specification but easy to use integrated research system

Sampling, programming and tabulation of real one-stop integrated survey system on a single platform, help you manage all of their projects in a single platform. The collected data can be managed by the high security of our cloud system, so as to realize seamless data management.

Research topic solution platform MO is what

Research platform that we have said that the virtual investigation platform, which integrates the sample library in the sample and the corresponding solutions.

Asian cloud sample library capacity increased to 40 million, covering 14 countries in the Asia Pacific Region

"Asian cloud sample library" is the first online survey sample library network in Asia, which is operated by Research GMO. The use of GMO market observers, you can according to the basic demographic information (e.g., gender, age, or address) or detailed demographic data (for example, SNS, total assets divided respondents. We can also connect your proprietary sample library to our system so that you can manage your own online projects,.

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