Online survey and data application

data collection

GMO provides data collection services with its proprietary sample library resources and global network coverage.


Project execution process

Data use

GMO huge online membership base to help you find the real consumer first time, access to market insight.

The scene of Liezi


(1)Outdoor advertising evaluation
Through the mobile phone small questionnaire directly invited by the outdoor billboards or the surrounding living sample library members to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising.



(2)Shop satisfaction survey
Invite visitors to scan the store to scan the store two-dimensional code, directly answer questions such as satisfaction research. Business side vertical access to market insight, there is no intermediate link, more real and more rapid.



(3)Cloud data storage
The data strictly kept in the cloud, the convenience of customers sorting, storage and use.



(4)User experience visualization
Through the USERDIVE tool to the user site or APP experience process visualization, found the problem to provide improvement program.

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